Welcome to our very first Case File! We are so excited to unveil our challenges. We are thrilled to have The Dusty Attic as our sponsor and delighted that their design team is joining the CSI team as guest designers for the month of January. This week, we have Mistra Hoolahan, Michelle Grant, and Jenny Burns joining us. We also have Nadia Cannizzo joining us as a special guest designer for our launch of CSI.

As you will see from the designers' layouts, the palette is very versatile, perfectly suitable for scrapping your recent holiday photos but also perfect for so many more themes. For the other elements of the challenge, we have a range of options, all inspired by our inspiration image, aka "The Scene." At the bottom of this thread, you will find some more details about this Case File, such as the RGB codes for the colors and more thorough explanations of the journaling prompts.

Since the CSI Case Files are brand-new to everyone, you will want to take some time to read the article "How the Challenge Works." Also, please take a moment to read the guidelines herefor some logistical rules.

In case you haven't figured out from Johnny Depp peeking through the magnifying glass on the front page preview, this month's inspiration images are all inspired by Alice in Wonderlandto celebrate Lewis Carroll's January 27th birthday.

So without further ado, we are pleased to reveal Case File No. 1...

(Please scroll all the way to the bottom for more thorough details on the journaling prompts.)

We present these stunning layouts by our Guest Detectives from The Dusty Attic...




And we present a gorgeous layout from our Special Agent, Nadia Cannizzo...


And here are the fabulous creations from the CSI design team, aka The Detectives...









Some details, as promised...


riddled with lime - 144.195.13 - wall in background

green tea - 68.92.13 - hats at the top in background wall

futterwacken yellow-gold - 230.212.129 - stick pin

madder red - 178.59.0 - shadows of his hair

muchier greenish-gray - 94.105.89 - lighter part on the top of the hat (center left)


Choose one (or more) of the following to inspire your journaling:

  • Document something mad or crazy or silly.
  • Journal using a numbered list.
  • Write your story on a tag or series of tags
  • Craft your journaling in the form of an invitation.
  • Write your journaling as riddles (e.g., Q&A).
  • Journal in rhyme - Write a poem using end rhyme or internal rhyme.
  • Inspiration Words: chaos, time, random - Use these as a jumping off point to craft your journaling.


The deadline for completing Case File No. 1 is

Sunday, January 15, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Thus, you have a week plus the two weekends to complete your layout.

(See count-down timer on the right-hand sidebar of most pages.)

We trust we've left enough clues for you to solve the case!

We can't wait to see what you create!
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Congratulations on your first Case file.  The work all of you ladies have done is amazingly GORGEOUS!!! Love the colors we have to work with and the Evidence and Testimonies are Fabulous.  Can't wait to get to it.

Thanks for being here, Diana! Can't wait to see what you make!


Thanks Diana!! Hope you get to play along!! :D

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow - wow!!!  The first Case File is just - WOW - and so is the amazing work of all the Detectives.  I do hope i can find some time before the deadline to complete this.  Thank you Debbi

Deb ♥

Oh, thank you, Deb! So happy you were here for our launch! I added in a cushion of an extra weekend for the deadlines, so hopefully that'll make it easier on people's schedules. Can't wait to see your layout in the gallery!

I like the touch of gold...:)

It adds a wonderful punch of color to the palette, doesn't it? Hope you can play with us, Agnieszka!

So so very cool!

I love Johnny!

I cant wait to get started!!!!!

Oh, I adore Johnny.  *Swoon!*

Oh, I do hope you will be able to squeeze some time in to play, Lydell! Thank you again so much!

I love the case file idea, you have put a lot of thought into it!!!  Can't wait to give it a go!!

Thanks, Leesa! It was lots of fun coming up with all the "CSI-vibe" elements to the site. I do hope everyone enjoys the challenges. Can't wait to see what you make!

I am in hot pursuit of some suspects! Love the first set of colors Great job, Ladies.


Challenge rules

Please note that to win a prize, you need to follow the challenge guidelines. Basically,

  • Follow the Case File (use all 5 colors, at least 3 Evidence clues, and at least 1 Testimony clue).
  • In the description, describe the Evidence and Testimony clues.
  • Upload your layout to the gallery by the deadline.

To see how we choose winners, click here.

Did you win?

We'd like to thank all of our players and generous sponsors. Check out who won our sponsor prizes in this forum.

Please donate if you can...

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