Our 2012 Star Witnesses

Tell Your Story. It's our tagline, and here at CSI, it's one of our missions to get our members to delve deeper into journaling--to document the meaningful bits and pieces that make up our lives. We would like to shine a special spotlight each week on a member who does an exceptional job telling their story.

Star Witnesses are chosen for varied reasons. They may be chosen for their creative, "out-of-the-box" approach to journaling; for sharing a piece of their heart with their personal, heartfelt stories; for their exceptional writing voices; or for making us laugh out loud with their tales. We started this special recognition with Case File No. 10. For a closer look at the journaling, or to read hidden journaling, please click on the links.

Sometimes I Wish by Helena Virpi (Case File No. 10)

ABC by Helen Wallace (Case File No. 11)

My Ginnies by Sarah Bohl (Case File No. 11)

Journey to You by Adrienne Ford (Case File No. 12)

Escape Kitty Surprise! by Jennifer Snyder (Case File No. 13)

Precious Memories by Lynnise Bowman (Case File No. 14)

Nirvana on the Wings of Bees by Irma Peredne (Case File No. 15)

Sweet Dreams by Lynnise Bowman (Case File No. 16)

Sagitario by Carolina Ghelfi (Case File No. 17)

Tall Trees by Lindy G (Case File No. 17)

You Grow Without Me by Zeffy (Case File No. 18)

Jailbirds by Joyce Lawrence (Case File No. 19)

Home Sweet Home by Kathleen Ryan (Case File No. 20)

He Loves to Create by Alicia Redshaw (Case File No. 20)

He Said, She Said by Jenn Kennedy (Case File No. 21)

Memories of the 4th by Sara Bohl (Case File No. 22)

10 Things by Kimberly Kett (Case File No. 22)

Queen Z by Zeffy (Case File No. 23)


Then by Sindi J (Case File No. 24)

Be Mine by Ali Parris (Case File No. 25)

Simply Us by Rachelle Sigurdson (Case File No. 26)

Alfred the Very Small, Very Tiny Mouse by Vivian H (Case File No. 27)

Listen to Your Heart by Karen Watson (Case File No. 28)

You Rock by Zeffy (Case File No. 29)

Life Notes by Suzanna L (Case File No. 29)

Books by Angela (Toucan Scraps) (Case File No. 30)

The Key to Happiness by Maryjane Field (Case File No. 31)

Sisters Becoming Best Friends by Arnlaug Koppang (Case File No. 32)

Home Delights by Lizzy Hill(Case File No. 33)

Calm Among Chaos by Beth Ervin (Case File No. 34)

Random Bits by Jasmine Shea (Case File No. 35)

33 vee by Minna Enqvist (Case File No. 36)

Mind Power by Helen Wallace (Case File No. 37)


Free by Lou Collins (Case File No. 38)

Once in a Lifetime by Helen Wallace (Case File No. 39)

Cutting the Cake by Billie-Jean Beveridge (Case File No. 40)

Lovely Beautiful Darling by Helen Wallace (Case File No. 41)

Et si j'avais a choisir by Jacynthe Loubier (Case File No. 42)

The 5th Signal Center Team - 1944 by Natalie Kaigle (Case File No. 43)

Miles Fan Letter by Shelley Schubert (Case File No. 44)

My Place in the Family by Kylie gW

Tough Guy, Gentle Heart by Shelley Schubert

Life is a Journey by Val Thorpe

Recipe for Creativity by Kylie gW (Case File No. 48)

Christmas Memories by Val Thorpe (Case File No. 49)

Finn by Zeneva Kovic

Run for Life by Irma Peredne

What I See by Val Thorpe

Challenge rules

Please note that to win a prize, you need to follow the challenge guidelines. Basically,

  • Follow the Case File (use all 5 colors, at least 3 Evidence clues, and at least 1 Testimony clue).
  • In the description, describe the Evidence and Testimony clues.
  • Upload your layout to the gallery by the deadline.

To see how we choose winners, click here.

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